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New Submersible Power Pack Nominated for ONS Innovation Award

Germany's HK Hydraulik k7Kontor GmbH, the Elms-horn-based specialist in hydraulic drive technology and mobile and industrial hydraulics,...

Germany's HK Hydraulik k7Kontor GmbH, the Elms-horn-based specialist in hydraulic drive technology and mobile and industrial hydraulics, announces that an innovative, universal submersible power pack, developed by the German Hans Kiihn, has been nominated for the ONS 2008 Innovation Award at one of Europe's most prestigious trade shows for offshore technology, ONS 2008 in Stavanger, Norway. The nomination recognizes the modular submersible power pack that promises to make underwater work at offshore locations more economical and more environmentally friendly.

According to Silke Warnat, a mechanical engineer and the daughter of HK's founder and CEO, Hermann Keller, the new power pack has successfully passed pressure tests in the pressure chamber of the Bremen University's „marum" facility certifying the device for operation at depths up to 6,000 meters. This is deep enough for the device to act as a power supply for existing and proposed underwater projects that include seabed exploration vehicles, cutting and impact tools, and scientific tools that will be used to generate shock waves to explore the deep ocean floor.

The submersible power pack offers several advantages over conventional power supplies that use long-circuit hydraulics. Chief among these are the economy and low environmental impact. The design is built around an electro-hydraulic drive. An umbilical is used to transmit electric power from the surface vessel to the power pack on the ocean floor, where it then drives the underwater equipment utilizing a submersible electric motor, a pump, and a short hydraulic circuit.

This mode of low-loss electric energy transmission through a long electric cable routed to the power pack and the pack's extremely short hydraulic circuit is more energy-efficient than transmitting hydraulic power all the way from a surface vessel through a long, high-loss circuit. The danger of unwanted pollution is also almost completely mitigated because the power pack's short hydraulic circuit holds only a few gallons instead of tons of hydraulic oil in a long circuit. Rounding out the list of advantages are lower investment costs compared to conventional designs.

The company behind this innovation, HK Hydraulik-Kon-tor GmbH, was founded twenty-seven years ago by CEO Hermann KeBler. HK's product lineup focuses on hydraulic equipment primarily used in water-related and off shore applications and comprises a wide-ranging selection of power packs, pumps, motors, control valves, winches, filters, and coolers. Especially for water application HK is a distributor for Pull master winches and Kawasaki/Staffa radial piston motors. HK is also a specialist in repairing hydraulic piston motors and pumps from most famous manufacturers like Staffa, Kawasaki, Vickers, Hydro kraft, and Eaton. HK customers ha from Western Europe, England, Canada, and the United States. In addition to its main plant in Elmshorn and a branch facility in Unterbreizbach, HK also operates a manufacturing subsidiary in Poland, HK Hydraulika Silowa Polska Sp.z o.o., that markets to and supports the company's customer base in Eastern Europe. 

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