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Best Smartphones under 15K-20K for your need (Gaming, Other works)

Hey guys this is and if there's one smartphone segment that got major upgrades in 2021 it has to be the sub...

Hey guys this is and if there's one smartphone segment that got major upgrades in 2021 it has to be the sub 20k smartphone segment I mean this price is you can now get a phone with a super AMOLED display with a high refresh rate you can get a phone with 108-megapixel camera 65-watt charging 8 series chipsets even 5g and a lot more so that's pretty awesome but that also means there are a lot of good phones in this pricing so the big question is which phone should you buy under 20k well I've divided this blog into five sections to make it more convenient to you guys so there's the best phone for software experience there's the best phone for performance and gaming there's the best all-round phone under 20k, the best phone under 15k and lastly best phone for 5g.

    So two smartphone makers offer a clean stock Android experience under 20k there's Motorola and this Micromax now I think the Motorola phones offer a better experience so if you're looking to buy a phone with the best software experience under 20k I think you should go for the new Motorola phones the moto g40 or the moto g60 fusion.

    Whatever is in your budget I mean let me talk about the good and the bad of the moto g60 the good is the clean stock Android experience there's no weird bloatware here no spamming features or notifications plus the 732g chipset is good so the performance is great and the 6000 mah battery lasts crazy long as for the bad the design isn't that great it's plasticky and a little heavy the camera isn't bad but it's kind of average even with 108-megapixel sensor, and the 20-watt charger is in the fastest also you know what I don't like that Motorola quietly hiked the price of the g60 and the g40 by 500 rupees having said that I think both the moto g40 and the moto g60 are great phones for people who are you know non-geeks people who don't want a complicated experience or parents who want a good simple phone, that's not filled with bloatware recommendations and spammy notifications that they don't know how to disable.

Moto g60: (Check Specifications)

Other Motorola Phone: (Check Specifications)

    Next up is the best phone under 20k for gaming or you know if you want the ultimate performance now, to be honest, there are a lot of great phones that bring a lot of power in this price range, for example, there's also the realme x7 and the Narzo 30 pro with dementia 800u which is a pretty capable chipset but the phone that brings the most power in this price range is the POCO x3 pro look what makes me recommend this phone is the performance that snapdragon 860 chipset brings. 

    I mean the camera is decent too and the battery performance and charging are good too, but yeah the performance is the big highlight see I have used the POCO x3 pro in the past, and yes it's the phone to buy if you want high-end performance and gaming on a budget. I mean any serious chipset does get a little warm but I think most phones with eight series chipsets get a little hot it's not overheating other than that it's just a very good performer now talking about the bad you'd know that the x3 pro is not my favorite when it comes to looks or you know the size it's kind of hefty it also does not have AMOLED but if you're okay with these points and performance is what matters to you well the POCO x3 pro is then the best choice I've talked about the phone to get for the best software experience I've talked about.

    The phone to get for gaming performance but which is like the all-around great smartphone to buy under 20k a phone that basically works for everyone and you know does well on all the fronts well I had to choose between the realme 8 pro and the redmi note 10 pro max and you know what after a lot of consideration I think it was pretty easy. I think the best all-round smartphone under 20k has to be the redmi note 10 pro max or the redmi note 10 pro whichever is in your budget, I mean when it comes to a good and bad section in the redmi note 10 pro, the pro max you'll notice that the batch section only has miui bugs and that's because that's the only thing really the redmi note 10 pro and the max bring a very good 120 hertz AMOLED the camera performance is very very good for the price and the rest of the phone bit on the performance front or even the battery and charging is just solid I mean the phone even looks great now you know what when I was using the phone I felt like I was using a good premium phone and yeah I told you about the few minor miui bugs I did come across but those weren't exactly deal breakers if you ask me so the redmi note 10 pro, the pro max is I think the phone 2 by under 20k if you want a perfect balance of all things. So, the other phones kind of cover the whole 14 to 20k price segment, that's pretty clear sorted but what if you have a budget of 12 000 rupees or 13 000 rupees.

Realme x7: (Check Specification)

Poco x3 Pro: (Check Specification)

Narzo 30 pro: (Check Specification)

Which phone should you get there well?

The POCO m3 pro is coming and that could be a good option but right now at 12-13k you should go for the Redmi note 10.

    For a phone that starts at around 12k has some really good points the AMOLED panel is great the performance and camera is just solid the battery is long-lasting the phone is compact and nice so it's actually a great phone to buy in this price, miui 12 at this price has a few issues we all know that but that's pretty much it looks at 12k the redmi note 10 is easy to recommend.

    Now one thing to note here is that I'm not recommending the moto g30 here for the stock android experience because that's a phone that brings hd 720p display in 2021 in this price segment and that's not cool.

    Now first up let me make it clear that 5g phones in India right now are a gimmick nobody knows which 5g bands will be allocated 5g network is a long way away and you know what if you don't live in a metro city it's going to take even longer so yeah right now for all purposes phone manufacturers are using 5g as just a marketing term. However, if you still really want a 5g phone I think the best option is this the realme 8 5g i mean the big thing to note here is that it has the most number of 5g bands in this price range.

    Yes it has these five 5g bands which is a lot more than a lot of other flagship 5g phones in india so this is good also this is a decent phone with the compact design and very good performance thanks to the dimension 700 chipset yeah ips lcd and 18 watt charging are kind of downgrades when compared to the realme 8 but other than that it's actually a very decent phone but those are basically my choices for the best phones under 15k and if you still have any more questions any doubts just make sure to comment below and I'll try and answer as many questions as I can. So, make sure to comment below also like this blog if you enjoyed it.

Poco m3: (Check Specification)

Redmi Note 10: (Check Specification)

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